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Cheetah removed from community area in the Zambezi Delta

May 7, 2024 |

One of the cheetah females recently reintroduced into the Zambezi Delta has been transferred after making a brief visit to the community area of this conservation area integrated into the Marromeu complex.

The operation to relocate this animal to a more inland area of the conservation area where it originated was intended to address both the concerns raised by local people and to protect the cheetah from possible threats.

According to Zambeze Delta Conservation and Anti-Poaching , the removal and transfer operation was successful and was assisted by members of the local community. As you can read, the good news is that the cheetah is in excellent physical condition and has been safely reintegrated into the Delta floodplain.

Although it is not yet known what caused it to move so far from the conservation area, the conservation team hopes that the cheetah will continue to stay in the region.

The operation was organised by the Cabela Family Foundation and carried out by the Mozambique Wildlife Alliance.

Photos: Zambeze Delta Conservation and Anti-Poaching


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